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 The ChiliView Series - Sequoia National Park East & Owens Valley

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This region covers Sequoia National Park and the Owens Valley with Lone Pine (O26). The park is famous for its Giant Sequoia trees, including the General Sherman Tree, the largest tree on Earth. Besides this, the park offers dramatic mountain scenery that was sculptured by glaciers during the last ice age. It includes Mount Whitney which is the highest mountain in the contiguous US (14.505 ft). Flying along the dropoff to the Owens Valley at 10.000ft with still 4.500ft of majestic mountain above you and an abyss of 6.500ft to the valley floor below you is an impressive sight. No road crosses the Sierra Nevada within the parks boundary. So, you have the choice of walking, riding and well, yes - flying! When flying around Mt. Whitney you will notice Owens Lake way down below on the valley floor. In contrast to most other dry lakes in this area that have been dry for thousands of years, Owens Lake is an artificially dry lake. It was a large blue salt lake until 1924 when most of its tributaries were diverted into the Los Angeles Aquaeduct. At some still wet parts of the lakebed you will notice a very distinctive bright red color gleaming in the desert sun. This color is produced by salt-loving bacteria (halobacteria). It is a red carotenoid pigment, similar to the one found in carotts, tomatoes and red peppers. It enables them to utilize sunlight for energy and protects their delicate cells from the intense desert sunlight. Halobacteria are extremely salt tolerant and can thrive in brine nine times the salinity of sea water. They can even remain alive in dry salt crystals for years.

It covers a total of 3625 sq km. For FSX and Prepar3D. The resolution of 1 m/pix brings you razor-sharp images even near the ground. Best enjoyed in low and slow operations! Also contains a 10 m high resolution elevation mesh.

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