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 The ChiliView Series - Caliente, Delamar Lake, Lincoln (1L1)

This region provides a good introduction into the diverse geological features of Nevada. Mountain ranges, high desert and dry lakes where you can feel the HEAT below. In the southwest of the scenery you'll find Delamar Dry Lake. It lies in a so called endorheic basin where the water does not flow out through rivers or by underground diffusion but may only leave by evaporation and seepage. The bottom of such a basin is typically occupied by a flat salt lake or salt pan. On May 6th, 1966 an X-15 made an emergency landing at Delamar Lake which was used as an emergency landing site for the X-15. However no structures where built there and today the landing strip is abandoned.

It covers a total of 3625 sq km. For FSX and Prepar3D. The resolution of 1 m/pix brings you razor-sharp images even near the ground. Best enjoyed in low and slow operations! Also contains a 10 m high resolution elevation mesh.

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